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Rat Control

How to Get Rid of Rats

Rats can become a major problem for any family.  Most rats and mice are commensal, meaning they live in close proximity to humans.  Rats will eat and chew just about anything, including but not limited to: electrical wiring, cables, water pipes, insulation, any many other items.  This can cause severe damage to homes, businesses, cars, boats, and much more.  Rats also eat human food and love it, making it very easy for them to spread disease and germs to you and your family. Rats multiply at an alarming rate and once they start you will need to take immediate action to get rid of the rat population in or near your home before it gets out of control.  

There are several steps you can take to get rid of rats but keeping them out in the first place is perhaps the most important step.

1.) Keep it Sanitary

This should go without saying but keeping everything clean is the most effective way to keep rats and other rodents out of your home. Stray pieces of food, garbage and clutter are a rats best friend in the home. Removing any food sources goes a long way toward keeping rats (as well as roaches and other insects) out. The kitchen is the biggest draw for rodents and other common household pests.  Keeping countertops and areas behind and under appliances clean is the one of the most important things you can do.

2.) Remove Clutter

Removing clutter discourages rats and mice by depriving them of places to hide. Remove anything that is stored or stacked next to the house. Firewood, leaf litter, lawn and garden equipment, even childrens toys are great hiding and nesting places for rats and mice. Don't give rodents a chance to get close.

3.) Exclusion

Sealing up cracks, holes and areas where utility pipes and cables enter the house is an effective way to prevent rodent infestations from happening in the first place. Trim overhanging tree branches above the roof and remove any vegetation that is against the structure. Use XCluder Fiber Fill Fabric to block small holes and gaps in masonary and wood that could allow rodents enter the house.

Now it's time for rat bait (rat poison) and rat traps to kill the remaining rats. If using rat bait, make sure that no children or household pets can access either the rat bait or rat traps. Rat bait stations keep rat poison contained and usually have areas that hold a full sized rat trap. Most stations come with a key that keeps curious passers-by from being able to open it.

Rat Bait, Rat Traps, Exclusion Products and Bait Stations

We carry an extensive line of professional products to not only get rid of rats from your home or business but to also stop them from ever getting inside.  Please see below for articles and diy tips for rodent proofing your home and getting rid of rats once they have getting inside.  Below the article section there is a list of professional rat control products that will save you around 70% compared to a professional doing it for you! 


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