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Argentine Ant Control

Argentine Ant Control

Argentine Ant Control Guide

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Argentine ants (Linepithema humile) undoubtedly are a most challenging ant to take care of. Though Argentine ants possibly can can be bought to just about in every location on this planet with the help of human beings commerce, the continued existence away from warm or hot areas will be low. If you are living in New York or other northern states you probably don’t have Argentine ants. The warmer states like California and the southern area states bear them. They nest Outdoors, in soil, under debris, along sidewalks and driveways. Argentine ant workers are 1/16-inch long and are typically light to darkish brown, they've got one single node on the pevtiole and won't posses hairs a the end of the abdomen. Their eyes are located next to the bottom of the antennae and appear to remain gazing in front.  Argentine Swarmers are hardly ever observed simply because mating occurs in the nest.  Start your inspection early in the morning or late afternoon.  At dawn and late afternoon ants may be more productive and retreat back to the nest throughout hottest time of the day.

Argentine ant workers are undoubtedly in never ending search of more food resources. If you experience Argentine ant nests in the vicinity of your household you can expect to have continual ant invasions. Once inside ants might keep invading until the food source is absent or until their entryways are closed up.  Heatwaves or rainstorms drive ants inside your home for cover against the elements.


Argentine Ant Control Methods

Since Argentine Ants have multiple queens the best way to eliminate colonies is by using slow acting baits or pesticides.  Killing the colonies workers will do very little damage to the colony if any at all because the queen or queens can just keep producing more workers as they are needed.  Below are some useful products to effectively get rid of Argentine ant colonies.

1. Slow Acting Sweet Ant Baits - Argentine Ants are sweet feeders so sweet bait will need to be used in order to control them.  The slow acting baits will not kill the workers before they can get back to the colony with the bait.  Some baits that have a high percentage of active ingredients will most certainly kill the worker on his way back to the nest therefore making it useless. Once the worker has taken the bait back he will then store it and the entire colony will share the bait with each other thus slowly killing the ants from the inside out.   Hopefully enough bait is being supplied to the colony so that the queen(s) will get a taste.  Once a queen has ingested some of the bait she will die and therefore not be able to lay any more eggs to create new ants, therefore eliminating the colony.

Here are some examples of sweet slow acting ant baits that we here at Jarrod's sell.  Click the picture to go to the product page to read more and purchase the product.




Gourmet Ant Bait is one of the best sweet ant baits because there is only 1% active ingredient in the product so the ants will have an easy time taking it back to the nest and the formula is top notch so sweet feeding ants cannot resist it.  The bait is usually placed into "ant feeders" or bait stations to keep it fresh, out of the weather, and out of reach of children and pets.







Kness Liquid Ant Bait Stations are the perfect compliment to Gourmet Liquid Ant Bait or any liquid ant bait for that matter.  They feature a wide opening for easy mess free pouring and a tightly fitting lid that keeps out pets and weather, keeping the bait nice and fresh for the ant's palate.  Here at Jarrod's we feature both of these products in a kit together to save you money and time on ordering.  Click to see the Outside Ant Bait Kit. 




 2.Slow acting non-repellent liquid insecticides-  Slow acting liquid Insecticides work similar to the bait except the ants do not have to eating by the ants.  Once the ants get into the insecticide the ants carry it back to the colony and spread it like a disease to their fellow ants.  The insecticides work extremely slow and can not be detected by the ants to make sure that the ants have no idea that they have been invaded.  By the time the insecticide starts to affect the ants more usually more than 80% of the colony has been infected including the queens therefore providing a 100% mortality rate on the whole colony.


termidor sc 20 oz

Termidor Sc is one of the best non-repellent slow acting insecticides on the market today.  Originally designed for termites researchers found that it works extremely well on other very social insects like ants.  Termidor Sc is not detectable by the ants and takes a couple of weeks for the ants to be affected by it.  Therefor it can spread through the colony like a wild fire.




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