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Boulder Penguins

Stone Art - The Gift that Lasts Practically Forever

These stone sculpted penguins require no maintenance and make a delightfully whimsical addition to your backyard or flowerbed. Great for indoors display, too! If you decide to adopt one of our stone penguins, please consider taking along a few siblings. A single penguin will be happy in any environment but he'll be happier if he has a group to waddle around with.

Unlike Pet Rocks, these sculpted stone penguin statues are so adorable that you'll want to collec them all. And since each boulder pet is a unique creation you will have a one-of-a-kind conversation piece that will last for generations.

These are not cheap concrete or resin casts like our competition offers. This is Mother Nature's own stone. It had weathered thousands of years of harsh climactic change and will last thousands of years more with you.

Because each item is individually crafted, size and weight are approximate.

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