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Granite Bullfrog

Granite Bullfrog

This hand chiseled granite American Bullfrog always gets a second glance when people walk by. If you or someone you know is into bullfrog art then this bullfrog stone sculpture is right up your alley. Looks great by the pool or next to your backyard pond. The green granite has a *polished finish and acquires a beautiful patina as it ages and is as smooth as glass.

Because each piece is hand made, the size and weight may differ slightly from specifications.

*A polished stone finish is the most labor intensive and generally the most expensive. The process of polishing a stone usually includes 7 steps of polishing a stone with progressively finer grit polishing pads. Even before the polishing process begins a stone is often worked with saws, chisels, and grinders. As you can imagine, to go over the same surface of a stone sometimes more than 10 times to achieve a polished finish takes a lot of time and patience.  Granite, basalt, and jade take a polish well and will have a finish that is reflective and smooth as glass. Stones like sandstone and limestone will become very smooth, but usually not 'polished.'

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