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Ant Control

There are many ways to get rid of ants depending upon your particular situation. Ant poison comes in liquid , aerosol and granular forms. Ant traps and ant bait stations provide convenient ways to deliver ant poison around the clock. Ant killer aerosols kill ants on contact.

Getting rid of ants starts by identifying what type of ants you are fighting.  The main common type of ants are argentine ants (piss ants, sugar ants), fire ants, carpenter ants, pharaoh among others.

Get Rid of Ants inside Your Home:

  1. If you are having problems with ants coming inside your home they are usually coming in to find food and water.  Try to locate ant entry points.
  2. Look for overhanging trees that touch the roof of the house or shrubs the touch the side of the house as ants use these as bridges to gain access. If you can determine how the ants are getting in then the treatment process will be much easier.  
  3. Now for the treatment, you can use a variety of products to treat for ants, like baits and liquid pesticides.  The best type of product to use is a non-repellent liquid insecticide like Phantom, Termidor SC, or Taurus SC.  Start by spraying the outside of the home with a fan spray pattern covering 2-3 ft. up the foundation wall and 2-3 away from the foundation wall so you achieve a nice 90 degree barrier, next you will want to make sure you spray all door and window seals and also any other entrance into the home for insects (cable lines, a/c lines, plumbing lines, etc.).  
  4. After this is done you can take care of the ants inside your home using a simple ant bait like Maxforce Ant Gel Bait, Terro PCO prefilled ant bait stations, or Gourmet Ant Gel Bait.  The ants will be attracted to bait, pick it up and carry it back to the nest while crossing over our non-repellent barrier thus carrying back bait and non-repellent insecticide to the colony.

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