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Spider Control


Pesticides can be applied as residual sprays or dusts targeted application into potential or known harborage areas. Non-residual aerosols, mists, and Ultra-low-volume products that contain a pyrethroid insecticide can be used to kill exposed spiders. Dusting spider webs and leaving them undisturbed for several days will also work. Pesticides are mort effective in eliminating the insects that make up the spiders' diet than killing spiders. Since spiders are hunters, killing the bugs they eat, by performing a good perimeter treatment with a good residul pesticide. will result in a lower spider population until they leave for good. Keep up this once a month perimeter treatment and your spider problems will disappear.

Fact: The female aggressive House Spider can produce about 17 egg sacs during her liftime, each of which contains approximately 250 eggs each.

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